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  • I enjoyed this discussion greatly. It’s good that you guys talked about some of the physics involved. Ultimately physics and the videos of the collapses are the undeniable truth and building 7 is the icing on the cake. With the concern for public safety the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) were tasked to explain how and why the two towers and building 7 collapsed. For building 7 NIST came to conclusion that the entire building suffered a complete and sudden collapse from a single column (Column 79 on the 12th floor) that failed as a result of normal office fires.
    I would suggest that any one with a good grasp of high school physics would see that conclusion as a total fabrication. With the videos we are able to calculation how fast the roof of building 7 fell. As it turns out building 7 fell at free-fall (terminal velocity). For example if you were standing on the rooftop when it started to collapse you would hit the ground at the same time as if you had jumped off the roof. The videos shows that the building fell uniformly and at the speed of free-fall. This means that not one of the columns anywhere in the building gave any resistance to the fall. That only happens during a controlled demolition.
    9/11 was a great tragedy but what distresses me the most is the gullibility of my fellow human being. What has happened to the once great human spirit?

    • Thank you Cal! There are so many contradictions, absurdities and impossibilities with the official story, I think the story of Jack and the Beanstalk is far more credible and believable. The architects and Engineers report that was released blows the lid off of the building 7 narrative: https://www.ae911truth.org/wtc7?fbclid=IwAR22Bi0MBkTm7vRUjcKkIrWhpRhuMa-trchAJZdw8V2X1k8updLsb80-YqE

      Your last sentence says it all. The once great human spirit has been pacified. In this age, people want entertainment and distractions, not knowledge, and we can clearly see the results of that all around us. Thanks for listening and commenting! David and I are working on a series examining facets of the war on consciousness. We appreciate your time and input! All the best to you my friend!

    • I love this quote: “Knowledge is sacred and the choice to be informed or merely entertained in today’s world is a very revealing test of the times. Expanding your mind to penetrate the deeper meanings of life is not only liberating, it is crucial to your well-being, for knowledge is power, and how you use your power inevitably determines the course of your personal and collective life.” – Barbara Marciniak

          • You both made very good points about knowledge and what to pay attention to. It’s strange what has happened to journalism in the last twenty years or so. When the Watergate scandal broke during the Nixon administration reporters dug deep to find out what happened. Nowadays it seems like there are no more Woodwards and Bersteins. Take for example the incremental way the government is admitting that extraterrestrial life is real. The Navy just announced today that three videos of UFO’s taken by F18 gun cameras are legitimate. And this story is less important to news organizations than celebrities going to jail for buying their kids way into college. The more I work with Doug, the more I believe that the truth is coming to us in alternative media.

          • “Yesterdays conspiracy theories are today’s fact.”

            I agree David, it is very interesting that the public is showing little reaction to the military’s statements about UFOs. I think this is evidence that for a long time now the world has been convinced that the earth is being visited by extraterrestrial races. The world is also convinced that the odds that the earth will be destroyed by an asteroid or comet is very high or even imminent. In my opinion, that sets the stage for a world wide false flag event that will dwarf 9/11. If the world can be convinced of the necessity for space based weapons to shield us from an extraterrestrial threat there will be nowhere to hide.

            With space based weapons there will be nothing to stop them from turning the weapons on us. With the weapons in combination with the ability to pinpoint the location of individual people, provided by 5G and the proliferation of smart devices, no one will be safe form the new world tyrants and their tyranny.

            After watching the collapses of the twin towers over and over, I can’t help but think that hidden technology exists and it is highly advance from what we are led to believe.

            Who knows, maybe the towers were brought down using the “unusually colored, ‘gel-like’ substance” that china’s rover discovered on the dark side of the moon.

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