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  • When talking about Dark Matter is this in anyway related to the Metaphysical? I often wonder if one expands his/her consciousness they would perceive the “unknown realm” of dark matter or the metaphysical. Obviously this is first cognition thinking and I could be wrong here.

      • your welcome, and i share to all those who might have an open mind to listen, but most bulk when i talk about identifying/defeating the ego virus… but all in good time for each his own… do you know of a program to record your audio here? i work way to much but i love the time i have to sit and listen on the bus, if i can save to my mp3 .. i recently backed up all recordings from endall’s yt site, but for a while, i thought your revealing was lost for good… very pleased its not!

  • So good that you’re still active in spreading truth. While I liked the great artwork & color fades of your youtube videos, this format is easier to load for my slow internet connection — and it’s off youtube. Keep up the good work — there are not many people with your knowledge & research skills producing content. Thank you for your efforts.

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