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  • Yes.. yes… and Yes, Doug. There is no contradiction in the fact that we are individual selfhoods and simultaneously connected, in a vibrant plenum of ‘aliveness’, much of which science has currently reduced to ‘dark matter’, Truly claiming one’s individuality is not a solipsistic affair,.. it is the recognition and acceptance of who and what we are. It is the refusal of the many shallow interpretations the consensus around us has foisted upon us. It takes courage to sing the tunes of our own selfhood, We are well versed in conformity… our parents, teachers and peers did a good job of instilling unconscious compliance with our culture’s beliefs and ways.

    We have been taught seriousness… schools squeeze the juice out of children, who eventually lose the ability to play with life. Conformity and seriousness are dry, inhibiting companions… we need to see them for what they are, for they imprison us on all sides.

    It seems the heart can’t be claimed as easily as the brain. It can be drained of its true life blood by its cultural captors, but it will never let go of its knowledge aboutt who and what we are. The heart is the keeper of our intrinsic truth, of what we have hidden from both ourself and the world. Before we can liberate ourself, we have to ask our heart what its nature is, what it wants to express. This is the starting point on the route to finding our genuine selfhood. This true selfhood has been bound and chained….it might sob when you start to unravel its painful bondage. Let it weep for a while if it needs to, for sometimes it is our tears which carry the profoundest messages.

    It is important to be level headed about this… there’s enough drama in the world without us adding to it. Allow time and space for releasing the crushed heart, Let it speak to you… and scream and rage and cry if it needs to… but don’t make a drama out of it. You want the fruits of your heart, not a melodrama. ‘Peeling an orange’ is missing the mark… but you get what I mean.

    The world and its people are almost fucked… can we pick up some other threads and weave them into a different story? Feeling overwhelmed by the scale of things serves no purpose. Being creative in every possible way we can is our only option.. and there are days when this will be impossible…. but if sometimes we can hold onto the creativity and kick the seriousness and fear into touch, we will make ground. School taught us that being neat and tidy was a value… and in some ways it is… however, being truly creative can be a very untidy affair. .. especially when it’s ourselves we are creating. Hang on in there!’

    Love to all.

  • Hi Doug,
    I am a huge supporter of your work and everything you do – Truly!
    However, I wanted to share this with you: Your messages are way too valuable to be having robotic sound and music in the background- those spacey and robotic sound effects are very distracting and take away from your valuable messages – your messages don’t need any bells and whistles- they are complete as they are! I don’t mean to tell you what to do or piss on your creativity here but I wish you would keep them natural and “simple”.
    Don’t mean to offend you in any ways- just wanted to share my thoughts.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks Caroline. On the short diatribes, I just try to make them a bit more interesting. Thanks for the feedback! All the best!

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