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  • … so why is Elon Musk currently involved in surrounding the entire planet in wifi? His actions don’t appear too match the sentiment of his words…

  • Thanks guys.

    It isn’t just fresh air and fun which kids are missing out on, it’s their profound connection to themselves and their world. When my daughter was born, a friend sent me a card with these words: ‘We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it,..’ George Eliot. How are today’s children ever going to love the world… or even know their own deep humanness? They’re not… by design. We’re living in a world of constructs that have been created with dehumanising results at their core. The dislocation from nature is a deliberate strategy which usurps human connection on many levels.

    As for sex… I think the vast majority of people will work out that a human partner is profoundly preferable to a robotic one. Perhaps for those with agendas of one sort or another, robots will provide a welcome avenue to sex they can’t go down with a human partner. For Mr and Ms functional, however, they’d probably either fail to be turned on in the first place, or laugh so hard they’d lose whatever urge they had.

    It’s true that as they reach old age, the faces of ‘the few’ are actually revealing something ugly and sinister? It seems to emerge over time… or maybe as they weaken.

    The worrying issue isn’t transhumanism per se, it’s the orchestrators and their dark motives that are to be feared.

    Dots need to be joined.

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