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  • WOW! BOOM! What a fucking time we are all in… truly fucked up!
    I love this format you are having these communications guys! Natural, organic and absolutely open! Thank you guys!
    As you mention the book from David Livingstone, this is on my todo list too and for all interested in this… Here you can download it as a pdf: https://goo.gl/8WRmSx

  • Technology is as good as the hands it’s in, and as ethical as the minds using it. Like everything else… the pharmaceutical model, educational model, economic model etc., transhumanism is being sold as a positive. It’s the tactical use of inversion that’s at play again… sell it as a benefit, as progress and evolution and so on. So postmodernism will be followed by posthumanism? If it weren’t so sinister it’d be funny. ”Wakey, wakey sheeple”.
    Over the past twenty five years there’s been a media based dehumanising process which has been very successful and has served as the precursor for transhumanism.

    If you look at the science, research clearly shows that human biology is hardwired to thrive on love, laughter, happiness, security, community, cooperation, nutritious food, clean air, clean water. Human biology is not designed to thrive on chronic stress, insecurity, the imposition of brutal monetary systems, separateness, endemic capitalist competitiveness, junk food, chlorinated/fluoridated water, chemtrailed air. In real terms, the human body defies its history and any sort of Darwinian adaptation hypothesis. It is an enigma… but it is a ‘positive’ enigma that’s being starved and toxified on all levels by ‘the fucking few’. It is these few who use lies and propaganda to get humans to fight against each other and who then project their psychopathy into the collective consciousness as ”the atrocities man is capable of”. ‘Man’ is mainly capable of being naive ignorant and easily lead, man just hasn’t woken up to the evil which is dictating his and everybody else’s human story. The schoolyard bully is running the school yard.. and probably always has. What sort of pathological mind wants to control an entire nation… never mind a ‘new world order’? I have two kids and I find it hard to want to control them… I want them to have freedom and to find their way through their own stories. Know what I mean?

    The underpinning spirit in the average human being is remarkable. It can only be truly measured on its own terms, not the sick terms of the pecking order perpetually created by self appointed ‘leaders’. We don’t need hierarchical leaders and followers, people have simply been brainwashed from all sides and eras into thinking we do. My daughter spent almost seven years at a democratic school called ‘Summerhill School’ where every person, child or adult, has equal power of vote at the twice weekly meetings during which every issue raised is sorted out, good, bad and everything in between. The School, which was founded in 1921, is truly amazing in the most practical ways, and effectively embodies the fact that we don’t need ‘leaders’…. in fact that leaders fuck things up… mainly because those who aspire to lead others are generally flawed, misguided or psychopathic.

    I’ve often wondered why some of us see through the crap whilst most don’t. It’s probably a matter of soul, but it might also be related to the fact that about ten percent of people can’t be hypnotised at all. (I know that I can’t be hypnotised, I tried three top hypnotists for my stage fright but none of them could hypnotise me… one did a colour card test and didn’t even bother trying.) This means that this ten percent can’t be as easily brainwashed and are more likely to have a certain autonomy of perspective. So maybe a percentage of the ten percent not only can’t be hypnotised but are also concomitantly informed by some sort of legacy of their soul. There could be an inherited aspect at the family level too… perhaps Great Uncle Ernie was an anarchist and some specific genes or memes from him showed up in our genome. Who knows.

    Thanks for these shared ‘chats’…. they’re great.

  • ps. Is there a way to edit our grammar/spelling mistakes after we’ve posted? Why is we never notice them before we post?!?

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