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  • The strategic erosion of community has been a hugely powerful tool used against people… divide and rule at the level of the individual. The hard wired biological implications of the loss of community are dire and facebook friends don’t cut it… the body doesn’t recognise virtual communities in the way it relates to ‘flesh and blood’ communities. Without community people literally perish. The implications of this loss of community spread far and wide. That’s why the destruction has been cleverly orchestrated.

    Many of the cream of psychologists have been employed over time to build on Edward Bernays’s propaganda methods and this is why the brain washing, which is claiming the planet, piece by piece, has been so bewilderingly effective. Brains have been weaned on propaganda, thus the propaganda has become the reality for most people. The one real human weakness is the adaptivity, ie. malleability, of the human mind. In conjunction with propaganda even the two world wars were made possible. Here’s something I wrote last year as part of a diatribe to a BBC presenter: ‘The biggest failing of humans is possibly the malleability of their minds, receptacles that are unsuspectingly immersed in a milieu that perpetually feeds them with carefully contrived and controlled messages. They are preyed upon. Lies dressed up in appealing propaganda were fed to those who marched into the front line. Their apparent strength was an inversion of their weakness because the brutal, appalling truth is that they had been duped en masse. In reality, it is a relatively few unrepresentative humans who occupy the nadir of ‘what mankind is capable of’. If we want to understand the WW1 horrors, we must look centrally, not globally. We must look at this unrepresentative few. The majority of the decent, average men who took up arms can only be accused of unquestioning gullibility, not the ‘kill or be killed’ atrocities they were cognitively coerced into, whichever side they fought for. ‘ In the context of life itself, adapting to the world represents survivval. In the context of endemic propaganda, the strength of the mind’s adaptability becomes the weakness of it being insidiously and unwittingtly influenced against its own good. Welcome to our world.

    Alex Gray ended his TED talk with the words ”The great uplifting of humanity beyond its self destruction is the redemptive mission of art”. The sentence has a nice ring and evoked an enthusiastic outburst of applause… but I think its ring is a hollow ring. ”The great uplifting of humanity beyond its self destruction is the redemptive mission of exposing the truth.” seems more realistic. Art is profound… but its power is limited. ‘The truth shall set you free’ is surely the zeitgeist that needs to somehow be created. The main stream media make up the evil veil which holds people in cognitive stupidity and ignorance and behind which the cold blooded evil ploughs on unimpeded. The perceptual hegemony of the main stream media is a catch 22… and so far as I can see, the most pressing question of all is, ”how the fxxx do you break the cycle?”.

    There are many strands to the disenfranchising of over seven billion people, including monetary, chemical and electromagnetic. However, it is the lies and deceit of the propaganda which, in shaping and moulding minds, form the life sapping pivot around which all else spins. Here’s how I finished my ‘diatribe’ to the BBC presenter: ‘We are led to believe that the two world wars were the results of the inevitable course of events, products of international conflict and of ‘human nature’. We are told that things are random and complex and messy…but what if the truth is that they were neither products of international conflict and ‘human nature’ nor random, complex and messy in the ways we are led to believe?… No amount of corrective semantic wizardry or reciting of such platitudinous truisms as ”It must never happen again” will achieve anything. Joe Average doesn’t need convincing. It is the unrepresentative few to whom such morally conceived words apply, but these few are not only unmoved by such sentiments, they laugh at them. It is the truth that is required.’

    It is the exposing of the truth in truly credible and provable ways which will stir people… a WW111 won’t achieve the truth… just more horrors.

    • Thank you Jane! Very well said. I believe that in a future videocast we will discuss the importance of reestablishing community. Thank you for that very well thought out comment!

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