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  • Great podcast guys! Thank you!
    As you are speaking about this opening ceremony for the train basis tunnel from north- to south switzerland.
    It was in june 2016 and here you can watch the video mentioned: https://youtu.be/zW5gklIKcDg
    This fucking crazy show was the official opening ceremony for a fucking train tunnel.
    On this day the whole „show“ was broadcasted live on TV.
    As you mentioned more than once,
    „they“ give us the whole shit in front of our faces and the most sheep wont see behind!

  • Moral relativism, or let’s just call it degradation, is sold to the mass of gullible people as ‘freedom’. It’s a fascile, inverted and distorted representation of freedom created to increasingly shape, deceive and control the endemically oppressed billions of folk on this earth.

    Empires fall because of ‘leadership’. The ‘common man’ is always the pawn, the follower and the brain washed element. So called leadership has been the downfall of civilizations for millennia. Maybe this whole authority/leader concept is a video in itself.

    Don’t know about the following.. the truth of things is proving increasingly elusive:


    • I think in the future we we will cover that topic. As always thanks for watching/listening and commenting! All the best!

  • Hi Doug,
    I have enjoyed your post You Tube Articles and videos. Deconstructing OZ is one that I look forward to. Brewster and Brown Sugar is a fresh new addition to the conversation. In fact listening to you converse with them allows me to put a person to the voice.
    I would like to say a few things because I think they are important. The term given to the Higgs Boson “God Particle” stinks of the consortium.

    The Man Who Coined ‘The God Particle’ Explains: It Was A Joke!

    Mystifying the Hadron collider and saying that it’s a portal to other dimensions in order to release demons or any other mystical purpose is probably just what “they” want to happen. They also, would like you to believe that REAL science is being done there.
    Let me explain. I think people with eyes to see would agree that when looking at past history, whether it be in realm of spirit or scientific knowledge, there has been a force trying at every point to STOP the advancement of humankind. Nowadays advanced technology is passed off as advanced science. But the reality is that technology today is based mostly on science we have learned in the past 100 years and it is the pseudoscience that the (force; consortium; church; not of this world or what ever you want to call it) wants us to believe. We have been deceived on how the atom and our universe works for propose of stagnating our understanding of consciousness among others things.
    In October 1927 the Fifth Solvay International Conference on Electrons and Photons in Brussels Beilgian a notable act of science corruption accrued. In the words of Wal Thornhill “Albert Einstein stopped us from doing physics because he removed the standards of length and time. They became malleable they became rubbery” and Wal said this about Niels Bohr “He introduced Quantum Theory which divorced cause and effect. I think we stopped doing science at that time”. Stephen Crothers a very brilliant man has found a logical inconsistency with Special Theory Relativity which “adds an element of mysticism to it”, a mark of the consortium.
    The next example of the corruption of science started with a true “Warrior” Immanuel Velikovsky (1895 – 1979). Velikovsky thru down the gauntlet to astronomers with his book Worlds in Collision (Publisher Macmillan 1950). This book challenged the “conventional” thinking of astrophysics. It challenged gravity as a force; it challenged the process of planets formation. He described how the Sun is electric as apposed to nuclear and how it reacts with the planets and other objects in our solar system among other assumptions. Well you know what happens to someone who gets close to the truth, they send out the big guns. In 1974, the AAAS “The World’s Largest General Scientific Society” organized a symposium “Velikovsky’s Challenge to Science” it was held in San Francisco at the St. Francis Hotel. This is a long story but in short a team of scientist including Carl Sagan ambushed Velikovsky. If you want to read about it, a good book is “Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky by Charles Ginenthal. This Again is a mark of the consortium.
    CERN is operating under corrupted science. Does any one think that the consortium would allow the human race to be privy to the true workings of the atom or the universe? I for one say they will not. They have been putting brave soles to death and destroying countless lives throughout time all in the pursuit of their agenda. Therefore this should not be ignored. The universe is alive. It is Conscious. Everyone and everything is interconnected and at the same time separate.
    Let me ask 3 questions for thought. Is Gaia conscious? Is the Casimir effect the root of consciousness? If there are a near-infinite number of alternate universes, does the word “reality” have any meaning?

    PSOYCA Doug

    • Wow, thank you! You make some very great points here and I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. I agree that the made for public version of what is going on at CERN is a smokescreen for whatever it is they are really doing. I’m going to check out that book by Ginenthal that you mentioned. Thank you for taking the time to comment! I appreciate it Cal! All the best!

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