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  • If you took a recently landed, intelligent Martian on a tour of this world, they’d soon be bewildered by the madness. Their stream of sane, rational questions would receive no satisfactory answers. If they watched ‘Architects and engineers on 9/11, they’d ask why nothing is being done about the overtly nonsensical official story and about bringing the culpable to task. They wouldn’t understand why a few vicious psychopaths have license to orchestrate global affairs affecting everything… or how these ‘few’ have brought such devastation to this beautiful planet… or how their obscene wealth was even possible… expecially in its juxtaposition with the abject poverty of masses of other humans. The state of things is unbelievable…. and it seems pretty obvious that propaganda (Edward Bernays ‘Propaganda’) is the crucial ‘talking head’, the ‘front man’, without which ‘the few’ would be largely impotent. The media are spoonfeeding society on all sides with carefully orchestrated propaganda. Only if you see through the lies and dig for the truth will you see how shocking the truth actually is. Bless you for making the video Doug. Thanks.

    • Thank you Jane! Yes, the official story of what happened on 911 is a monumental lie from start to finish, filled with more holes than a Swiss cheese factory. What happens is that an event will take place and the “official” story of what happened gets solidified in the public mind through media propaganda. Life goes on and so few bother to question and the few that do, are at once cast aside as “conspiracy theorists.”

      Have you noticed, that no matter who is in office, they never keep their promises and the bombs just keep falling? People actually think the current CEO for corporate Amerika is any different, that he is not on the elite’s strings, meanwhile, North Korea and Iran remain in the cross hairs. ~Sigh~ Thanks for commenting and all the best to you!

  • If you look at the escalation of the worlds manufactured problems there is also a direct link to the growth of decadence on bread and circuses among the sheeple… The cost of providing this debauchery to the ignoramuses is a very small percentage out of the coffers of the orchestrators of such fabrications which they feed us! Fear and war makes a lot of money for The Crown whilst we plead ignorance to the issue by indulging in the shite the system feeds us!

    The funny thing is Doug… believing the deceit of our governments (incorporated companies), everyone sits in front of their TV’s condoning the violence of our militaries, pleading synthetic sympathy for the innocents caught up in it whilst eagerly awaiting the next episode of the Kardashians to move on swiftly from on the issue without even reading between the lines!

    I could go on… but thanks for presentation Doug, take it easy brother!

    • I don’t know how I could have said that any better Lenny! Sometimes you feel just so out of place and yet, you’re the crazy one for noticing how fucked up things are. The ignorant celebrate their foolishness. Oh well, at least we live in interesting times! All the best to you brother! Walk in peace!

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